Our PPP Journey

  • 2022

    Complete transfer of ownership of Ghaziabad Aligarh Expressway Pvt Ltd. (Ghaziabad-Aligarh road project) and Shree Jagannath Expressways Pvt Ltd (Bhubaneshwar-Chandikhole road project).
  • 2020

    Commencement of Commercial operations in Solapur Tollways Pvt. Ltd (Maharashtra-Karnataka border road project).
  • 2017

    BRNL Goes Public - Shares listed on National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange.

    Started Commercial operations in Shree Jagannath Expressways Pvt Ltd (Chandikhole-Bhubaneshwar road project).
  • 2016

    Commencing of commercial operations in Ghaziabad Aligarh Expressway Pvt Ltd (Ghaziabad- Aligarh road project),

  • 2015

    Achieved   second Provisional COD of KEPL Project.

  • 2014

    Achieved commercial operations of Kurukshetra Expressways Pvt. Ltd (Rohtak-Bawal road project)

  • 2012

    Started commercial operation in Guruvayoor Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd (Trissur – Angamali road project)

  • 2011

    Awarded 2 BOT road projects in the Odisha (Shree Jagannath Expressways Pvt Ltd and Orissa Steel Expressways Pvt. Ltd.)

    Started Commercial operations in Mahakaleshwar Tollways Pvt. Ltd. (Indore – Ujjain road project).
  • 2010

    Awarded 2 BOT Road Projects in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana (Ghaziabad Aligarh Expressway Pvt. Ltd. & Kurukshetra Expressways Pvt. Ltd).

  • 2009

    Awarded Mahakaleshwar Tollways Pvt ltd. (MTPL) in Madhya Pradesh.

  • 2006

    Incorporation of Bharat Road Network Limited as a Road BOT Company.

    Awarded Guruvayoor Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (GIPL) in Kerala.